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30L Diesel 30L = replay 32L
I'm looking at Replay and Scotch&Soda at the moment. For Diesel, ofcourse there are still some new washes I like, but there's also the money issue. Even after sale they are too expensive. 2-3 years ago, 210euro was the max for the best wash... now a wash like Thavar 818V is 250eu.
The jeto looks really awesome. I'm gonna check if they have it somewhere cheap in size 30w. I need to taper it. It has the same leg opening like thavar, but it fits more like Darron. The anbass is really my cut. I'm gonna return these, I have some nice washes from new season on my list for anbass. Gonna wait for sale.
Who was the previous head designer?
Some replay I bought to try out. First 1 is Jeto in 29, I can barely button up. Second is anbass 30, fits good.
Oh boy why tepphar. I understand Shioner has to go, it's the same like Thavar. But on the other hand it has very different details so I think Shioner could stay too. There is nothing to replace Tepphar. Sleenker is really different, so I dunno...
Strayvech don't mind the campaigns too much. Diesel always had weird campagnes. We should be happy as long as they release 2 or 3 good jeans every season.
Nice, looking good
Thanks! Yeah indeed 73T but also 888p in my opinion. Same blueish blue and yellow fading. I like them a lot.Sorry for the belt guys, tepphar joggs are extremely tight. So it is needed to size up, which in turn will give you loose waist. Of course I had a nice shirt on top of it, so it doesn't show.
Yes new-tepphar-ne 811w
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