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Oh boy why tepphar. I understand Shioner has to go, it's the same like Thavar. But on the other hand it has very different details so I think Shioner could stay too. There is nothing to replace Tepphar. Sleenker is really different, so I dunno...
Strayvech don't mind the campaigns too much. Diesel always had weird campagnes. We should be happy as long as they release 2 or 3 good jeans every season.
Nice, looking good
Thanks! Yeah indeed 73T but also 888p in my opinion. Same blueish blue and yellow fading. I like them a lot.Sorry for the belt guys, tepphar joggs are extremely tight. So it is needed to size up, which in turn will give you loose waist. Of course I had a nice shirt on top of it, so it doesn't show.
Yes new-tepphar-ne 811w
It's real I think. I have seen some weird shit at official diesel outlet stores. With that I mean combination of washes and cuts that I never seen before; normal jeans tags on jogg jeans, tags stitched on different spots, etc. So this shouldn't be thát weird. The jeans, tags and everything looks real.
Oh man this looks good Looks kinda like Krooley 8N1, one of my favorite washes.
Oh yeah, also joggs
Oh heheh these look alot like tepphar-ne 811w
DC for president :P
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