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Thavar is like that. It will get softer and better after a while but if it's uncomfortable now, it will stay like this. You won't have the same problem with Krooley. The narrot looks nice! Awesome wash and nice fit. It's good for summer.
Outlets usually have yoox collection, nothing too exciting. The only good thing is the 'faulty' section of the store. There you can find random jeans with minor damages for cheap.
ColdSteel, they won't make a big deal of it. You can just return/exchange them. Pics of the narrot would be cool. I like this particular wash.
Do they give real pictures first if you ask?
Why is this 260EU http://store.diesel.com/nl/regular-slim-carrot_cod42338597ca.html
I don't think so. You need a 30 atleast
I like this wash, clean and simple.
@bufordjeans, yes they look like the darker one. I'm not sure why on the S&S website they look so light. On other websites they only have the darker version: http://www.dedicatedfashion.nl/lot-22-gitane-down-and-dirty-denim-blu http://www.freestylesport.nl/lot-22-gitane-down-and-dirty-4636778 @DC, I think you need a 28 (knowing that you wear 28 in Belther and others). The sizing is pretty much like Diesel. They fit like my Diesels in 29; Thavar 8X2, 8NE, Krooley.
I think Ralston
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