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I think he is on a business trip. At least that was case several weeks ago when he didn't reply 2 days.
Everything stretches, but in this case not 1 size. I even sized up. So or get your usual size or even size up. To be safe get your own size M. If you get S while you're M, it will look like women jacket on you. It will be too short. It will in no way stretch in the lenght, because that's just not possible... like jeans do not stretch in the lenght, but only at waist and thigh where there is pressure.
Ma bro. I have 1 jacket myself (the one which looks like 800E) and I tried one in store (the wash of this one is like 885b). The M in 800E fits like S in 885b. I am S. My jacket didn't stretch.
Awesome pics
Hey bro, definitely get 29 for sleenkers. In my opinion They fit smaller than tepphar. I can't even button up sleenkers in 28 (in tepphar it's no problem), I have tried several washes. One other thing is that 827k isn't as soft and stretchy as other washes in sleenker.
Very nice straychev
Has he tepphar 824b?
On every site 824b looks different......
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