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Btw 830k denim is like tepphar 68z / 804k
I feel you bro! I have 8N1, but being my favorite wash, I wanted to get 606F. But with my experience with joggs jeans (stretching out too much, less durable than jeans), I'm not sure yet. For me joggs jeans are a negative now. I prefer a soft stretch denim like most tepphars have. Much more durable and they stay in shape.
I also took my chance. Wanted the surprise effect, but they are alright. Not gonna keep them as I'm more into plain jeans lately.
probably using german variant :P
Guys I making this thread so that Giamatshop can see what jeans are most wanted. I will contact him and redirect him to this thread. Hopefully he will see it maybe he can give us more info here. Make a wishlist with "Jeans I really want" and "Jeans I may want" Jeans I really want: Sleenker 0608K Thavar 0833Z Jeans I may want:
That feeling of buying jeans of the new season.... Looks awesome man
These sleenkers on my list: http://store.diesel.com/nl/jeans_cod36539859qr.html http://store.diesel.com/nl/jeans_cod36539857rc.html
Yeah especially this blue eyecon thavar 0833Z
I love this season's jeans!!!! Some more jeans and washes here: http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/01_Diesel/FW14/
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