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I also took my chance. Wanted the surprise effect, but they are alright. Not gonna keep them as I'm more into plain jeans lately.
probably using german variant :P
Guys I making this thread so that Giamatshop can see what jeans are most wanted. I will contact him and redirect him to this thread. Hopefully he will see it maybe he can give us more info here. Make a wishlist with "Jeans I really want" and "Jeans I may want" Jeans I really want: Sleenker 0608K Thavar 0833Z Jeans I may want:
That feeling of buying jeans of the new season.... Looks awesome man
These sleenkers on my list: http://store.diesel.com/nl/jeans_cod36539859qr.html http://store.diesel.com/nl/jeans_cod36539857rc.html
Yeah especially this blue eyecon thavar 0833Z
I love this season's jeans!!!! Some more jeans and washes here: http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/01_Diesel/FW14/
I think he is on a business trip. At least that was case several weeks ago when he didn't reply 2 days.
Everything stretches, but in this case not 1 size. I even sized up. So or get your usual size or even size up. To be safe get your own size M. If you get S while you're M, it will look like women jacket on you. It will be too short. It will in no way stretch in the lenght, because that's just not possible... like jeans do not stretch in the lenght, but only at waist and thigh where there is pressure.
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