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No but they are on my wishlist!823z
Well it's totally different. Here are some pics when I bought them a while ago. Compared to the other two, this one is my favorite. The denim has a softer touch and the color is more casual.
All three are 29. The three washes I mentioned all feel different, eg 823z more soft, 827k more raw-ish feel. But they all fit the same (I've also tried several other washes). So I suggest to keep 1 size for sleenker. If 886z 33 fits good, get 33 for other sleenkers.
Heheh I'm also transformed to a sleenker warrior. I have 827k 827q 834z (my fav). I have 833f and others on my wishlist.
Niceeee, one of the best this season, too bad I don't like the Thavar fit anymore
I like it! Could you make full jeans pics of front and back in the light conditions like the 3rd photo? Whenever you have time ofcourse
Let him send it back.You can't argue with these retarded people on ebay.like last time I sold tepphar 820s, the buyer said he thought he was buying jogg jeans and that he was mislead by the title (I had jogg jeans in the title to get more hits)....... I didn't say anything, I let him return it. Never got the jeans back (the buyer has to pay return shipping costs). I kept my money. I don't know what happened to him.So just say that it's real or let him proof that it's fake...
29/32. It fits good now, but not sure how it will fit after some wears. I think 28 would be better
Yeah thanks for the pics! Jacket is awesome but out of my price range..
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