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Oh yeah baby, I'm getting that retro feeling
Looks nice
Oh oh is he back again
They will not stretch but I think this is a good fit. I also wear them like this.
Adding a simple additional required field at the registration process will fix the problem. Or some Captcha system. It less than 5 minutes work.
High chance that this is the case.nickma, be sure to return it with tracking code. Otherwise, it would be too easy for him to say he didn't receive the jeans, you'll lose all money.
nickma, good point. I would definitely get my money back as this does not look like 608T, but I still think this jean is from the same factory as the "real" one. In the years, I have seen some really weird jeans, certain washes on other cuts, safado pockets on krooley, 2 washes mixed up, normal jeans washes on jogg jeans, etc etc. Have seen them even in official outlet stores. So my guess these are from diesel factories, only they are experimental, unfinished, bad batch.
These are not fake. Maybe bad batch. There have been several threads about fake jeans from french sellers, non of them were "fake". Maybe bad batch for outlet or for recycle. If you want to pay 90 Euro for 290 jeans from other sources than real retailers, expect to get bad batch / unfinished / damaged jeans. Btw if you guys mean fake in the sense that it doesn't look like the jeans sold in stores, then yes it is fake.
I don't think the stamps mean that they are faulty, but I guess these are stocks diesel couldn't sell to retail stores so they're selling them for cheaper price. And they put a stamp on these. I have bought many diesel jeans with stamps, and never I could find anything wrong with them. For example, my last one, I bought tepphar 820s from ebay, a german ebaystore. They had all sizes available in 3+ quantity. The one I bought had a stamp. I guess all the others also have a...
Got myself the Tepphar 820q recently. I love them. Check also http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198874/teppahr-820q-and-shioner-604b-fit-pics-and-review
New Posts  All Forums: