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Let him send it back.You can't argue with these retarded people on ebay.like last time I sold tepphar 820s, the buyer said he thought he was buying jogg jeans and that he was mislead by the title (I had jogg jeans in the title to get more hits)....... I didn't say anything, I let him return it. Never got the jeans back (the buyer has to pay return shipping costs). I kept my money. I don't know what happened to him.So just say that it's real or let him proof that it's fake...
29/32. It fits good now, but not sure how it will fit after some wears. I think 28 would be better
Yeah thanks for the pics! Jacket is awesome but out of my price range..
Btw 830k denim is like tepphar 68z / 804k
I feel you bro! I have 8N1, but being my favorite wash, I wanted to get 606F. But with my experience with joggs jeans (stretching out too much, less durable than jeans), I'm not sure yet. For me joggs jeans are a negative now. I prefer a soft stretch denim like most tepphars have. Much more durable and they stay in shape.
I also took my chance. Wanted the surprise effect, but they are alright. Not gonna keep them as I'm more into plain jeans lately.
probably using german variant :P
Guys I making this thread so that Giamatshop can see what jeans are most wanted. I will contact him and redirect him to this thread. Hopefully he will see it maybe he can give us more info here. Make a wishlist with "Jeans I really want" and "Jeans I may want" Jeans I really want: Sleenker 0608K Thavar 0833Z Jeans I may want:
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