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Reported. These forums need some common courtesy rules set into place so things like this don't even have a chance to happen in the first place.   Certain members should check their "I'm better than everyone else on here" egos at the door, IMO. It's ridiculous. I still can't believe at how I was attacked for a simple post when I first got here.
There's a difference in someone's general size and shape and exact measurements, and neither are rocket science.   If you're good enough you can pretty accurately size someone up by eye.   How about everyone stop trying to have a pissing contest and help the guy out and stop bitching each other out just because all of your opinions and advice don't exactly coincide with each other.   If you have an opinion or piece of advice, then you should post it and shut...
Thanks alot!
They fit somewhat slim? I was looking through the stickies and the R&R what did you wear today threads, but couldn't find anything that told how the different cuts fit.   Thanks for your help!
Hey all, I'm in the market for some new jeans. I'm pretty picky about how mine fit for a guy. I'm used to wearing the bootcut Diesel Fankers or straight Diesel Zavors. I like my bootcut to fit somewhat slim, but not tight, nor loose. Could someone help me find a pair of R&R's that would fit similar? Thanks!
Thanks guys. Yeah I'd like a slim boot, but not quite AS slim as the Fanker, and with a lower waist, because the Fanker has an unusually tight, higher waist than other jeans I've tried on. I actually wear dressy type boots with my jeans.   But I'll check all these types out, they look like nice fits. Thanks for your help!
Negative. I'll trim them up with the clippers and a comb as a guard if they're getting bushy and tweeze between them so I dont get a unibrow...but I don't wax/tweeze to shape them like women.
 So you just admitted Zac's jeans are oversized...which is the FUCKING LOOK that the O.P. is going for. I doubt he gives a shit about your opinion on whether or not you like Zac Efron's baggy look.   Also, are you a moderator? No? Then I don't think you have any right telling me what I can or cannot post. PERIOD.   The OP posted asking for advice/opinions and I gave mine. Just because it doesn't match yours is no reason to be an asshole. Go change your tamp or something,...
Wow is everyone on this forum a goddamn douchebag? I was trying to give what advice I had, I'm sorry if I was a bit incorrect, but I don't dedicate my life to the research of every thread of these jeans.   Lighten up and get off your soapbox.   Edit: and if you'd read the original post he WANTS the Zac Efron look which is...BAGGY . He clearly asked about that, not the "broken-in-but-still-so-tight-it cuts-off-my-nonexistant-ballsack-zdenal_cz" look.
I'd say go a size or two larger in the waist if you want them looser. However, the skintight skinny jean look doesn't look bad on some people, and you're one of them.   I'm a tall, lanky guy and they look horrible on me. The only jeans I can really pull off are straight and bootcut.   As tight as those are, I'd have to disagree that those pair will break in enough to be loose like you want them. The only thing that'll really loosen up are the knees, ass, and...
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