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lol, why do think colleen made such a stink about not being able to BUY A PRO MEMBERSHIP...                                                                                                       NARC?
lol, your gun is bigger than mines. great come back. hardly worth the effort.  Who is the top you or blackmetal?   
    lol, i don't even now Jakolin. Two wrongs don't make a right. What goes around comes around. You've just proved that.   More importantly you proved that Dave allows this sort of thing to still go on, lol.   
You should reconsider that name as you're far from wowing anyone with your ball hanging and lame ass contributions.     
Those are what grown up hands look like you prepubescent fairy.   
quoting this for reference incase he tries to delete it  
dick move. 
  Aren't you that same asshole that was promoting the sale of his fucking ugly ass diesel jacket outside the mall just a few months ago?     Hypocrite much? At least Cez is posting in the right section and seeing as he was the one that created this thread I am more sure he knew what he intended this thread to be.   You are just mad cuz he wouldn't put up with bulllshit. How was banned camp like. I wish he permanently  banned your monkey-ass as this forum was a much...
yeah thats a straight up lie, SHops. delete function worked fine. MOD could still see the content but it was invisible to everyone else.
clearly you have no clue what you are talking about...     I was really hoping you would get the hint, but again i see you have failed to heed my advice. now it seems i must tell you                                     
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