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shame indeed. 
or personal opinions, lol. it says since you are new. your post must be moderated. 
so now I can not post ?
is this thread  a joke???   op , women only like men that wear skinny jeans if they are in shape.     fat people should not be wear skinny or tight clothing.     If you have a nice bod, like i do than women will throw themselves at your feet regardless of what you wear, but skin tight jeans help.      i was waking through a particularly rich neighborhood yesterday, you know the type of place that seeping with wealthy depraved stay at home milfs, and I...
who do i contact about recovering money/purchased items from a seller in the honestmall?
it is not available no more.  it has been hidden to mask what really goes on here. seem to be like the admins are more interested in selling ad space than protecting its members. 
oh i c. 
wait those are L34 and they were still too short for DK, lol. 
^   suks dood. thats why i don't buy from this place no more. no safe. 
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