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Thought I'd give this thread a bump now that spring is here! This is my top pick for spring: Frame: and these from Rag & Bone:
Definitely fakes and I don't think that's ever a good thing, sorry.
I think there's definitely still a niche for women who like Diesel. I think one of the reason that Diesel was so popular originally, was that it was one of the first premium denim brands and now the market is really saturated. I think for guys though, it still is one of the most popular brands because not as many premium denim brands offer men's styles with as many washes/fits as Diesel does.
This is a hard one, they almost look custom to me? I know R13 has some drop crotch styles but these aren't them.
Yeah-trying to stay on top of 'em!
I don't really have any experience with the boot cuts. In terms of stretching, I'd say they stretch a bit but probably not an entire size. What is the make up of the jeans? Also, washing them in hot water may cause shrinkage and will likely cause the wash to bleed. If you do decide to keep them and get them hemmed, I would say to wash them first, so they shrink a bit and then get them hemmed. If you air dry and wash cold, you'll avoid a lot of shrinkage.
I'm debating getting an authenticator to authenticate them but don't really want to pay for that, ugh.
Do you have any more photos, that are closer up of the details? by the back pocket alone, since it is uneven, I am inclined to say fake.
Welcome! I agree, I am not sure you can ever have too many jeans, although my closet may disagree!
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