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I love Frame as well! Their whole Fall collection features a 70s vibe including a lot of flares, so may be the time to try them!
Thanks for starting this thread! Echoing that the spaming issue is being worked on. We're testing a few things that the spammers seemed to have worked around, so hopefully will be resolved soon!
Have you tried AirBNB?
I agree that eBay should go out of their way to be accommodating. Every experience I've had they side with the buyer (justly or not, debatable) I would file a claim asap, as the window closes within 45-60 days I think?
Do you have any better photos?
^ agreed and welcome!
Are these made just for the rack/discount stores do you think?
I can't imagine how much the dye would bleed off of the jeans and onto you!
The closest thing I can think of in terms of plain/raw denim is A.P.C but they don't have rivets on the back pockets.
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