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  Diesel has just released a collection of denim sunglasses, you can check out the entire collection in Jonathan's post here. What do you think?
They look real to me but I don't have tons of experience with Levi's m&c
Even though I don't wear men's jeans, I definitely appreciate this thread/SL!
Do you have any photos of the interior tags ect.,?
Would love to see if there's any update on this!
I think most denim brands offer a 32-33"
I believe there should be some sort of numbers on the tag that will indicate the date/year
I've found that Paige can run a bit on the narrow side and also offers petite sizing, as do Hudson and J Brand. I've also found some 7fams go down to size 25 which may fit you.
I think they may be J Brand. Not 100% though
This sounds awesome! I'd love to see photos!
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