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Funny! Love Colbert!
Are you looking to pay retail? Stores like Revolve, Shopbop and most department stores sell them. I also just did a post on some resale sites here: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/199461/best-resale-sites
These look fake to me, the pocket stitching is all off. The small tag doesn't look like most True Religions do and the Buddhas are fading. Can you post a close up of the tags and hardware?
Welcome Bobbi!
Looks fake.
After seeing some buzz around the forum about eBay and how it's been increasingly difficult to deal with, I was wondering if anyone has tried any other online resale shops? I know Poshmark is a big one lately. I've heard of a few others like: Tradsey and Threadflip. Does anything have a recommendation one way or another? Do you have any experience with these sites?
If you're talking about which jeans I prefer. I have to say I'm a big fan of J Brand, Frame, Current/Elliott and 3x1 right now.
I always find the best tips for storing jeans from you guys! this is awesome!
Welcome! Glad to see someone wearing vince!
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