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Have you tried them on? Wondering how fit is and I know shopbop had marked them down a bit ago, so may be worth checking out!
hahaha love it!
Welcome! Would love to see any of your vintage collections!
Not sure what exact size you're looking for but CJ by Cookie Johnson, James Jeans both go up to 24.
Seconding what Jeanetic said. Are you trying to find an old fit? If so fit may not always correspond with tagging, since product labeling tends to be standard across all styles.
It may be a bit of a waiting game but hopefully a pair turns up for you soon!
Have you checked sites like ebay, threadflip, poshmark ect.,? May be your best bet.
Do you have any other photos? Hard to tell from just this one pic. He's been seen in Dior Homme, RRL, and Belstaff lately, so may want to check those brands for similar styles.
New Posts  All Forums: