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If you're in NYC, the Levi's store in meatpacking actually does custom denim. I also am obsessed with the 3x1 store in SoHo. You can read about it here: http://www.denimblog.com/2013/08/3x1-store-at-15-mercer-street/
Hopefully a more experienced raw denim expert can chime in as well but I think usually you'll want your true size as they can fit snug and stretch with wear. I would avoid washing your jeans. Here are a couple of other threads that may be helpful as well: this blog post and this thread.
I think it is designed for women but if you like it, wear it.
I would suggest adding some photos of the details (pattern, close up of serial numbers, hardware, tags ect.,) and see if some forum members can help you out.
Hi Annabell,   Try creating a thread with some photos and see if some forum members can help you authenticate.
  Diesel has just released a collection of denim sunglasses, you can check out the entire collection in Jonathan's post here. What do you think?
They look real to me but I don't have tons of experience with Levi's m&c
Even though I don't wear men's jeans, I definitely appreciate this thread/SL!
Do you have any photos of the interior tags ect.,?
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