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Thanks for starting this thread! Echoing that the spaming issue is being worked on. We're testing a few things that the spammers seemed to have worked around, so hopefully will be resolved soon!
Have you tried AirBNB?
I agree that eBay should go out of their way to be accommodating. Every experience I've had they side with the buyer (justly or not, debatable) I would file a claim asap, as the window closes within 45-60 days I think?
Do you have any better photos?
^ agreed and welcome!
Are these made just for the rack/discount stores do you think?
I can't imagine how much the dye would bleed off of the jeans and onto you!
The closest thing I can think of in terms of plain/raw denim is A.P.C but they don't have rivets on the back pockets.
They're Genetic but an older pair.
Did you add detailing in the photo on the right or is that just the image??
New Posts  All Forums: