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I dunno, it looks pretty specific to his phone to not be custom!
Thanks for posting!
ah, that sounds like you've got some sorta cool, unique distressing. Would love to see photos!
I think they're Balmain Homme.  Here's Rihanna wearing a super similar pair: http://www.denimblog.com/2014/09/rihanna-in-balmain-homme-jeans-3/
Welcome! Hard to ID those with a lot of lack of close ups. I bet you could do the cell phone pocket fade yourself.
Not sure if your asking if they're jeans that I'd want to ruin or not?
Have you tried Everlane? I have a few of their women's shirts and they've held up really well. I haven't tried men's styles but I assume they're similar to the women's.
Also, please do not edit the posts again to add in links to your site.
Welcome! Shopaholism always has great advice!
Not sure your stance on washing but usually that.
New Posts  All Forums: