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definitely want to try out the stocking jeans!
http://www.eastdane.com/matchbox-years-slope-wash-slim/vp/v=1/1590471225.htm?extid=affprg_CJ_ED-1909792-ShopStyle.com-2178999 AG has some great distressed/worn styles. So does PRPS if you can find any floating around
Thanks guys! Yeah, I am not sure why they keep spamming with the kitchens. How do you even buy an entire kitchen online. Either way, thanks for your help!
There are tons of different places that offer coats. I'd suggest checking out a place like Shopstyle that allows you to narrow down the scope of your search/what you're looking for.
They look real to me.
Thanks for reporting it guys! I try to catch things that slip through and ban IPs but yeah, looks like a lot has gotten through lately. Hopefully all our members have brand new kitchens now!
Good question. I've seen some that just say Made in Japan and Crafted in USA, some just say Made in the USA, since I think a lot of times brands use different manufactures/sources, so they may not all be sourced in Japan but are made in the US, if that makes sense? ETA: Japan is definitely known for their fabrics but that's not to exclude some Japanese based denim brands, but yeah, I'd say they're more well known for their fabric.
Yep, she wears AG a lot. Here's the post on the blog: http://www.denimblog.com/2014/06/minka-kelly-in-ag-adriano-goldschmied-boyfriend-jeans/ I think she looks a lot better in her AG flares or Mother Skinnies.
Do you have any other photos or a source? really hard to see those clearly...
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