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Have you tried SSENSE or looking at Shopstyle (here's a sample search that had a bunch of sites)
I was looking for some casual shoes and I stumbled upon this pair from Vans: and actually sort of like them!   Nike x Liberty also just came out with a denim inspired shoe collection that I'm obsessed with (you can see the blog post here): Would you consider wearing denim or chambray shoes?
Do you have any better photos of the hardware?
As I mentioned in my email, its possible they were made for special purchase. I'd suggest posting photos of the hardware/tags ect., because I'm not sure you'll be able to draw any definite conclusions based on fabric content alone.
oohh.. I like this thread! I'm not usually a fan of collabs but some of my favorites are J Brand for Proenza Schouler:
I love the first pair! I wonder how hard those would be to do a DYI...
Thought I'd give this thread a bump now that spring is here! This is my top pick for spring: Frame: and these from Rag & Bone:
Definitely fakes and I don't think that's ever a good thing, sorry.
I think there's definitely still a niche for women who like Diesel. I think one of the reason that Diesel was so popular originally, was that it was one of the first premium denim brands and now the market is really saturated. I think for guys though, it still is one of the most popular brands because not as many premium denim brands offer men's styles with as many washes/fits as Diesel does.
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