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Should clarify, a new brand. There's some on shopbop and I think saks. 
Looks good!
I haven't yet but would love to, since they have a great sort of MOTHER-y vibe. Since you're such a fan of flares, have you tried Seafarers?
wow makes sense re: US business. Lozan, are the stores free-standing? I'm shocked there are that many!
Interesting! I wonder if it is a combination of fast expansion and ever increasing rents. Where did the website used to lead? I think it always has led to the store for me, or at least the store landing page.
Also check out Jonathan's review of his Ksubis here. 
I think Saint Laurent is my favorite for men's jeans. All of these are great!
Thanks Shopaholic. We have a Facebook page here but one for the forum+ discussions could also be great!
I'm not crazy about the culotte trend as a whole but I really hope that it doesn't make its way back in jersey material. Those were so awful!
haha sadly Shopaholism, I think boyfriend jeans are here to stay
New Posts  All Forums: