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Ah, I see it now. It may look cool to just leave it as is? If you'd like to patch it, unless you have some awesome sewing skills,  I'd definitely suggest taking it to a tailor since it is on the larger side and they should be able to patch it.
Great post!
Hi Cobra, your photo didn't show up. Are you trying to patch the hole or do you want to leave it open for a more distressed look? If you want to patch it/close it, I'd suggest taking it to a tailor, they can do a great job and make it almost unnoticeable.  
Hi! Welcome!   I think pairing leggings with denim skirts could work, not sure about shorts though, maybe a thinner pair of leggings as shorts + leggings has the potential to be too bulky.
I would maybe suggest contacting the PR people, as they typically run the showrooms.
Great pics, thanks for sharing Lorna!
ooh that's a good idea. I know 935 cropped have come in a ton of different washes/patterns, the only problem is that I'm 5'11" and so I'd be afraid they'd be really short on me. The 910s are almost cropped on me and hit me right above my ankle and are perfect for tucking into boots. But I think next time I'm shopping, I'll try the 935s on.
Are you talking about a Fleur de Lis symbol?
I'd suggest checking out the websites of brand's you're interested in and either finding an HR contact or someone in their PR office, then initiating email contact with them.
Cork is going to be big this season and I've seen a ton of pump styles already.   Here are some options for pumps/sling...
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