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I really think that it'll depend on cut/style. I do know that tons brands do carry size 24s. Check out J Brand, Rag & Bone, Paige and Citizens which all run pretty TTS in my opinon. Current/Elliot's may run a bit big and I've found SIWY to run a bit small. I do think it varies a bit for each person. I know Shopbop carries 24s online and offer free shipping/returns so you can try a bunch from there and just send back what doesn't fit.
Just posted what Diesel styles Nordstrom will have for their anniversary sale here: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/195054/nordstrom-anniversary-sale
Awesome! I just ordered a few dresses from Asos, my first order! Can't wait to get them!  
Hi Sunny! Welcome, we're glad you're here!  
Hey Khoi! Welcome!  
I'm not sure how much luck you'll have since R&Rs have changed so much and are basically an entirely different brand. Maybe someone has an older pair? Good luck!  
I think that the Shadow is a newer wash than the Jett...they both look almost identical.   ETA: When I typed "Jett" into the search bar on their site all their shadow washes came up. I think they've just renamed it or its the newest version of the jett wash.   I wish they'd bring back the Ink wash though, it's my all time favorite!
          Hi Everyone!   My name is Jennifer and you may have seen me positing in the forum. I'm a community leader and fashion writer at DenimBlog.   I'm obsessed with all things fashion, especially denim. My favorite denim brands are J Brand, Rag & Bone and Current/Elliott. My favorite fashion brands are Isabel Marant, YSL and Proneza Schouler. Outside of fashion and DenimBlog,  I enjoy cooking, running (I'm training for my first half...
Yeah I don't think those are COI...I'm not sure what they are, I've definitely seen them before but I'm not sure if they're a designer?  
I have a pair of Jett black J Brands that are starting to fade on the seams, has anyone tried a denim wash or how do you prevent fading? I know its best not to launder jeans but I do it anyway (always on cold and air dry) but I'd love it if I could prevent fading, anyone have any tips?   Also, I was wondering if maybe I just redyed them it'd get rid of the weird discoloration...anyone have any experience with this? I probably shouldn't as I feel like I'd end up...
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