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Hi and welcome!
Hi and welcome! Please let me know if you have any questions!
Do you have any more photos? Can't see enough of the jean to see anything unique/identifying.
Welcome! We're glad you're here!
Do you have a link or photo?
I wouldn't stop, I'd just say if they're that tight...go up a size!  
There have been a lot of articles going around lately about skinny jeans being a health hazard. Apparently, wearing skinny jeans that are too tight can lead to a medical disorder. Miralsha Parasthetica is the disorder that occurs when the never in the outer thigh is compressed. Symptoms include numbness, tingling and pain in the legs and can even be made worse by wearing heels. You can view the video about it here: There's nothing wrong with sizing up, it may even be...
It's usually skirts or dresses for me in the summer. It gets so hot here and I walk everywhere that pants are just too hot, although I do have a couple of pairs of William Rast chinos which are pretty comfortable/cool. I'm not ready to give up my jeans for the season yet!
Glad it worked out!
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