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Hi and welcome Magalie!
What awesome motivation! I'm glad you enjoyed the giveaway!
Would love to see any of your purchases!  
You look awesome! Sounds like the night went really well!
Welcome! You should be able to create threads and post photos now. If you're still having trouble, please let me know!  
I agree with Msalonen! I'm sure it will go fabulously, just relax and have a great time!
Thanks Dave! Yeah I think it's much easier to read with only a couple of featured items.
I'd suggest checking online. I know Nordstrom carries a lot of formal gowns in plus sizes online and they don't always carry things in stores. Plus, they offer free shipping and returns so you don't have to worry about that.   Banana Republic and J Crew both go to 16 online. Old Navy has a plus size section online and may have one in stores as well.
Technically/traditionally "Black Tie"= tux. What is she wearing? If the event is black tie, I'd imagine that many women are going to be in full-length gowns.   I do think you can get away with wearing a really nice dark suit (I'd say black or dark navy) since it is a fashion event and a slimmer cut suit is a lot more modern, if you add a vest, it'd be more formal.   I'd say try J Crew and definitely hit up some department stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom ect...
I'm not the biggest fan of denim accessories but I do love this Prada denim bag from a few seasons back. here's Rihanna with it: http://www.denimblog.com/2011/05/rihanna-carrying-a-denim-prada-bag/
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