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Doesn't look legit.
Have you checked ebay?
I would love to see these from R13 leather pants under the Christmas tree!
Do you have any more photos? The front pockets look a bit off to me to be Diesel.
Welcome Mark!
Hi All,   Thanks for the feedback. Trying to stay on top of it as well, hopefully it'll get taken care of soon!   Jennifer
Welcome! would love to see fit pics!
Are there any other labelings?
Yes, you could invest in a seam ripper (here). I would suggest doing it from the inside seam and very carefully so that you don't rip any of the fabric. I'd also suggest having it sewn back together with a sewing machine and have tailor do the restitch since denim is a tougher fabric and they have to use a thicker needle. Plus, it'll reinforce the stitch better than a hand stitch would.
Welcome kamanava!
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