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Would love to see if there's any update on this!
I think most denim brands offer a 32-33"
I believe there should be some sort of numbers on the tag that will indicate the date/year
I've found that Paige can run a bit on the narrow side and also offers petite sizing, as do Hudson and J Brand. I've also found some 7fams go down to size 25 which may fit you.
As of late, it seems like almost anything goes when it comes to denim. What is one style or trend that you would never try out? Personally, I would never try out a pair of overalls, they just wouldn't work for me.
I think they may be J Brand. Not 100% though
This sounds awesome! I'd love to see photos!
Have you guys seen this? Jonathan posted it on the blog and thought it'd share here
I feel like the H&M's men's collaborations are a lot better than the women's (with the exception of the Isabel Marant collab!) I also posted these on the blog and I love the pair below: (nike x liberty)
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