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Lorna, I thought for sure yours would be Paige =)
Wow, the ideas in this thread and the one linked are pretty cool and resourceful!
I love Rag & Bone and J Brand. I also just got a pair of Koral jeans that I love!
I love coated denim and I too work in a casual work environment. That said, I probably wouldn't wear coated jeans to work. Even though your workplace is causal, personally, I do still try to look "casual-professional," which usually means staying away from anything too trendy. For example, I have a pair of pretty busy patterned jeans that I would probably not wear to work. If you want to dress trendier, I'd say start with accessories, like shoes or cool tie with jeans....
I would say a pair of flares, skinny jeans in black and a dark wash (or straight legs). Flares can be flattering on curvier figures, especially with heels. Skinnies are a must, or your friend may be more interested in trying a straighter leg pair if she doesn't want to go the skinny jean route, since they may be more flattering to pear shapes. I would also suggest checking out this post on jeans for shorter women: http://www.denimblog.com/2012/11/jeans-for-short-women/
That's sounds like a great experience, especially one to have in Vegas!
Check out Jonathan's awesome round up of Skinny jeans from the 2013 collections here: http://www.denimblog.com/2013/01/skinny-jeans-for-men/
Awesome, welcome Catherine!
Welcome Eric! I'm glad you decided to join the site!
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