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I believe so..I recall they moved their manufacturing from CA to either Mexico or China, can't recall which at the moment. Are you looking at a particular pair?  
Welcome to the community Mike! Sounds like you have quite the denim collection. I'm in the DC area too! Have you ever checked out Denim Bar? I think there's one in Pentagon City, I've never had the chance to stop and check it out though.
Hi Mr. Arturo! If you're into Selvedge/Raw denim be sure to check out our dry/raw threads here.  
I just found these Current/Elliotts. They are such a mix of trends: patchwork, moto, and pattern!
I'm a fan! Personally, I like it a bit more when there are many patches that overlap so it doesn't look too much like an old patched pair of jeans but more intentional.
Lorna posted Diesel Black Gold's Fall 2013 collection. The theme behind the collection was "the need for speed, the open road and the ambiance of a classic gas station." You can check out more images from the show in Lorna's post here.
Looks like they're still selling them on the US site, so I'd imagine you'd be able to find them in stores. if not here they are on the US site: http://us.levi.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=520&origkw=520&sr=1
They do look like Current/Elliotts but I don't believe they are.They look similar to PRPS but I don't believe they're that either. Is this photo from Shopbop?
I just ordered 2 separate things from 6pm.com and got it within 2-3 days. They send a tracking number and deliver fedex so you can track.
Happy Birthday Lee! Budapest sounds awesome!
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