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Welcome Hope!
What do you guys think will be a big trend this year?
Your photos aren't showing up for me but this is a really helpful guide!
I too am interested in getting a Miles card but have only done some cursory research, so I'll be interested in watching this thread. Some things I've read regarding Starwood is that it is better for hotel stays than for airline miles. So if you're looking for miles/flights in particular, that may not be the biggest draw. Believe it or not, there entire sites devoted to using airline credit cards for travel. This guy's breakdown of cards seems like a good starting point:...
That's true. However, I really am curious to see if they actually feel significantly different than regular jeans.
Wrangler is launching a line of jeans that are supposed to moisturize with every wear. Is this the next new thing in denim or over the top? Read the article below (originally posted on the Blog) Denim makers are constantly trying to create the next new thing when it comes to denim. Wrangler has launched an innovative new moisturizing jean called “The Denim Spa.” The idea behind these is to create a jean that takes care of your legs while you wear them. The Denim Spa...
I agree, the leather looks a bit softer but I like the fit on the coated pair. Looks like they were a great buy!
Love the pops of color in that outfit!
Welcome Toffee! Also looking forward to your contribution!
Definitely would love to see some photos when you get them!
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