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I'm obsessed with white jeans right now...I think its because I am so ready for the weather to warm up! Those J Brands are cute!
Actually that was Phukette, our other mod. I'm sure you'll see him around the community!
I'd venture to say that (on average)Americans are taller then.
Welcome OliverMarc! You can post your daily outfits or check out what other members are wearing here: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/65/waywt-what-are-you-wearing-today
Awesome thanks for sharing!
Good to know. Thanks for sharing your experiences on different sites. I'm over ebay but haven't ventured into anything else yet.
Welcome Manuel!
Brands frequently offer different size scales for different markets. I am surprised that they offer a smaller scale for items in US stores since I do think Americans tend to be larger. I do know that some manufacturers use different size models for different markets, so a large in one market is not the same as a large in another market. As for individuals stores, I know that they also offer their own size scales. Some stores do not offer the entire line of sizes that a...
I'd recommend taking as much with you as you can in your suitcases. I'd suggest shipping the rest (not sure which carriers you have but you'll likely have to pay custom fees in the US) Another suggestion, if possible, leave some things that are out of season with friends/family and then leave room in your suitcase next time you go for a visit and take it back with you to the US when you go.
Welcome Amanda!
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