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Its hard to get a good look from the photos but the distressing looks sorta like AG.
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I can't speak to the value entirely but I think there is probably a niche market for resale...
This is a good question! I've had some of my Current/Elliott jeans for quite a few years and they're still in great condition. I also think Rag & Bone has some great quality jeans. Levi's always has some great quality options. In general, I'd suggest looking for jeans with less spandex as they do tend to lose shape, also try not to wash them too frequently. Hopefully someone else can chime in here.
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I agree, those look like a pair someone customized.
Hi Jayne, Are you looking for jeggings or leggings? I'd say these are all probably going to be more on the "jeggings" side, so a softer/stretchier jean. I've tried the J Brands and would say that they run a size smaller or so but are really stretchy and almost twill like (I haven't tried the coated ones though) I've also tried the leggings and think they stretch out a lot and the fabric is a bit on the thinner side for my liking. Hopefully, someone can chime in about the...
You also may be interested in checking out this post for jeans with longer inseams or checking out a review I did here on Tallwater, a brand that offers 37-38" inseams.
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