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I agree with Jonathan's advice above. If you think your weight will change, keep the pieces that won't go out of style.  
Welcome! We're glad to have you here, no matter what type of jeans you love!  
I thought this would be a fun discussion since I know we all have some pretty big denim collections. Which pair would you wear if you could only choose one for the rest of your life?   I'd choose my J Brand 910 Low-Rise Skinny in Shadow. They fit me perfectly, are slightly cropped, so they work well for summer and winter (for tucking into boots) Plus, the black is easy to dress up or down.
I'm adding overalls to the list:
That's awesome Karacho! I fold mine and store them on a shelf but my stacks are getting too high for me to reach...maybe I need fewer pairs!  
Welcome Barb!  
Welcome! you can check out the Marketplace if you're interested in purchasing some jeans, its a great resource.  
I think the pattern on those is really interesting. Looks like SJP loves them too: http://www.denimblog.com/2013/04/sarah-jessica-parker-in-currentelliott-the-ankle-skinny-in-crochet/  
What are some trends that you are not a fan of this season? Personally, I am not a huge fan of 90s styles: Mom jeans, Acid Wash, Doc Martins and super high waist Levi's cut offs (Basically Miley's entire outfit):
Welcome Bianca!  
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