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This wiki may be helpful for hemming tips: http://www.denimblog.com/c/a/11-tips-for-hemming-your-jeans
Welcome! I agree with Lorna! If it fits and you like the way it looks, who cares who it's made for! Glad to have you in the community.
Welcome! Glad you found the site and looking forward to your contributions!
I am so ready for Spring! These are my top picks for Spring styles: What are you craving for Spring? MiH Breathless Skinny jeans: Liberty of London x J Crew: Paige Pipeline:
Personally I'm loving the Liberty of London collaborations with both J Crew and AG (the shorts you posted): J Crew:
I've seen a couple of threads w/ colored denim for guys. You guys have great style, I'd love to see some outfit pics if anyone winds up buying some!
The bottom left with the lighter wash look like Levi's. Did you make those collages? If so, do you have single, larger images?
Sadly, I think IndiCustom went out of business. I've also heard that the Levi's Meatpacking store (in NYC) will make you your own pair: http://www.refinery29.com/levis-made-to-order
I've never heard of that brand before. Considering the photo is from 1993, they may be out of business. Are you looking for something with a similar style? Denim Vests are really coming back in terms of popularity.
Awesome, I think these look great on you (and I like your jacket in the modeled posts) I'll look forward to your updates!
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