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I've been snowmobiling but never in Crested Butte, I've actually only been there in the summer(which is gorgeous- the wildflowers are incredible) Are you planning on skiing as well? Hope you have fun!
Jonathan did a post of the Diesel Black Gold Fall 2013 collection on the blog. The collection was inspired by psychedelic rock band on a Cosmic Tour and featured slim cut pieces and tailored outerwear. View some of the pieces below and you can read the original post here.
Do you have any images?
Funnily enough, there's an entire thread on this here: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/117259/how-long-does-it-take-for-a-hickey-to-go-away
Welcome SydneyH! I'm originally from Denver and it is such a great city(although not Paris!). your jacket sounds awesome!
That's a cool piece! is the patch made from old/recycled jeans?
Please post your item in classifieds or it will be deleted.  
I believe so..I recall they moved their manufacturing from CA to either Mexico or China, can't recall which at the moment. Are you looking at a particular pair?  
Welcome to the community Mike! Sounds like you have quite the denim collection. I'm in the DC area too! Have you ever checked out Denim Bar? I think there's one in Pentagon City, I've never had the chance to stop and check it out though.
Hi Mr. Arturo! If you're into Selvedge/Raw denim be sure to check out our dry/raw threads here.  
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