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Agreed, this is lovely!
Glad it worked out!
Both buttoned!
I think they look better buttoned.
Welcome! Hopefully someone will chime in regarding your Diesel question!
Welcome! I haven't seen the Noko jeans but would love to! I lived in ROK for a short period of time and am fascinated by North Korea. I'd venture to guess that they're not great quality unless they've tapped into Japanese methods/fabrics and are using those.   I am biased but Denimblog is pretty great in terms of fashion/celebrity blogs!
Best thing I can think of is to let them air out. Maybe try washing your clothes again? I think baking soda absorbs smells really well, so that may work for clothes. Not sure if you want to risk it with the leather bag though. Good luck!
Have you checked out Shopbop? I know they ship internationally, not sure how much taxes and customs fees are but may be worth checking out!
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