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I think these look pretty great:
I dunno, it looks pretty specific to his phone to not be custom!
Thanks for posting!
ah, that sounds like you've got some sorta cool, unique distressing. Would love to see photos!
I think they're Balmain Homme.  Here's Rihanna wearing a super similar pair: http://www.denimblog.com/2014/09/rihanna-in-balmain-homme-jeans-3/
Welcome! Hard to ID those with a lot of lack of close ups. I bet you could do the cell phone pocket fade yourself.
Not sure if your asking if they're jeans that I'd want to ruin or not?
I think it is because they look like they could be leather but are usually not as blatantly so, if that makes sense? I think leather pants are definitely a statement and usually scream leather.
Have you tried Everlane? I have a few of their women's shirts and they've held up really well. I haven't tried men's styles but I assume they're similar to the women's.
New Posts  All Forums: