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what an awesome way to display your collection! has boutique vibes!
Awesome, thanks for updating!
@denim collector-looking forward to seeing this pair! I follow them on Instagram and the work they do is incredible! 
Definitely go to a good tailor, one that specializes in tailoring and not just at the dry cleaner. Make sure they know you want original hems and all that jazz too.
Echoing @Phukette. Post as many details of the jeans as you can, that'll help!
@audit30 -did you already google, sometimes retailmenot has some...also try ebates!
Maybe look into custom jeans as well? Cheap Monday did have some skinnier styles for men but don't seem to be as popular now.
Have you considered trying women's jeans? They may be slimmer throughout the thigh but there are a lot with 11" openings. 
These are awesome, love seeing the progress photos too!
What do you all think? here's Kayne wearing them: 
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