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I do also think the fact that the jeans are tighter and have fading on the butt factor in. If you look for pairs that have smaller back pockets, more fading/light and are slimmer fit, that'll make a bit of difference!
looks good!
Thanks for posting! I think the 3301 Tapered Dark Aged Antic Restored 61s are my favorites!
That's good, glad they worked for you!
Looks good! Would love to see an update after some wear!
Thats awesome! I did something similar a bit ago and gave some away, since I found I was wearing the same things over and over (and I was moving and didn't have room!)
I guess to clarify, one section of fashion, then in that different sections on each type of item (denim, shoes, etc). I think otherwise, it may be difficult to find a thread or would be full of non-relevant posts. 
Great conversation!    What types of things would you like to see. Maybe a General Fashion and then segmented into sections on jeans/shoes/accessories etc? That way there's still some separation but still general enough to discuss whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: