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Really interesting topic! I do think the heyday of designer/premium denim is sort of over. It's much more mainstream and there are SO many premium brands out there. It's interesting to hear how things differ in terms of popularity all over the world!
looks good!
They look real to me.
Should clarify, a new brand. There's some on shopbop and I think saks. 
Looks good!
I haven't yet but would love to, since they have a great sort of MOTHER-y vibe. Since you're such a fan of flares, have you tried Seafarers?
wow makes sense re: US business. Lozan, are the stores free-standing? I'm shocked there are that many!
Interesting! I wonder if it is a combination of fast expansion and ever increasing rents. Where did the website used to lead? I think it always has led to the store for me, or at least the store landing page.
Also check out Jonathan's review of his Ksubis here. 
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