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Nice to meet you Jayne! How long have you been pinning?! 300k followers is amazing!
Awesome - what are your favorite brands/retailers?
Here's a forum for skin care, seems like you should check it out: www.skincaretalk.com. Good luck?
Hello all!   My name is Stephanie and I secure the sponsorships which help support our site and content! After two years with Denimblog, my denim favorite remains James and Paige - looking forward to trying Rag & Bone in the near future :)   If you have any ideas of brands or retailers that would be a good fit for the site, please PM me.   Long Live Denim, Steph
The only ones I've owned have been Kasil x Taylor Jacobson which were soft, and had a great fit. And it's awesome that Lorna had a collaboration with Paige - those would have to be my favorite by default out of Denimblog pride!
This is great! Next year would love to see some Paige, as well as more picks for men's!
Definitely dark rather than light. Light denim + plaid flannel is too farmer chic for me.   Show us your final look!
Cristina7 - seems like you should bust out the heels! Others might follow suit :)
Awesome! Congratulations - tell us what you ended up picking from Singer!
Thanks for posting!
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