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I put together a couple of quick mock-ups for how, I feel, the new DenimBlog layout should be. I see it as going more minimal with some new features that help readers navigate through the site easier. See my ideas on how we can improve the site below. What are your thoughts? Feel free to give your input     Both ideas have the same features with the exception of the layouts and color choices   Ideas on How They'll Work:   1. One new feature I have...
I would say keep the the classic pieces, such as the darker/medium washes, if your weight constantly fluctuates. I once had a ton of jeans that I donated once gaining weight and regretting it after getting back to my regular size. But if you are for sure knowing there will be no change in your body, I always say donate. There are many people that will appreciate the pieces just as much, if not more, of what you had.
Hi Everyone,   I'm Jonathan, one of the main writers for DenimBlog. It will be my third year writing for the site this December. My favorite denim brands are Rag & Bone, Current/Elliott and J Brand. My favorite fit from all are their skinny because i have such skinny legs that won't fit into men's jeans. To describe my style, I would say that I am very casual. Though I do like a great bold look here and there.   When I am not writing for DenimBlog, I am either...
  Raf Simons has just been named the new Creative Director of Dior. After leaving Jil Sander speculation came up of him taking over the fashion house. The choice is a complete 180 from previous designer John Galliano. Raf is known for his minimalist approach, while John is known for his extravagance. What do you think of the new choice? Do you think Raf will bring in fresh air to the fashion house?
  Here is a look at the new Siwy Fall 2012 look book starring Chelsea Tyler (daughter of legend Steven). Like the past collections, the pieces are sure to be hits. She has prints, patchwork, distressing all in desert shades. You can see some more images below.      
  Check out this new video for the new DVF x Current/Elliott collection. It features Gia Coppola playing a screenwriter. It also stars Ray Liotta. You can see pieces from the collaboration in the beginning and throughout the video. What are your thoughts on it? I find the scene of her asking for the camera to be panned back to her to be really hilarious. Plus the soundtrack to be very funny as well. You can see the video above
H&M has announced plans to launch high-end stores. With their regular stores being as popular as they are, I do not see this venture being any different. The only thing that I will emphasize is the word "NEW." Truthfully...if it is just an iteration of the same items in more high-end fabric, I don't think that it'll work. More people will just venture back to H&M. What are your thoughts on this?
  Gareth Pugh recently designed the costumes or the Wayne McGregor ballet at the Royal Opera House in London. Though very conceptual, there has bee no claims of difficulty with the choreography. It's great to see that ballet is starting to test out new things. They tried (not this specific one) out denim before, which I thought was pretty outrageous for ballet costumes. After seeing this it shows how talented the dancers are and can that they can work in just about...
  What are your thoughts on the colored trend for the men? It is huge for the women and is continuing to go strong and is even incorporated into many other new trends. I am not opposed to this trend. Well just in trends in general. Though I do live in black, I do believe in "wear what works with the look and your mood." If something is not working; why feel uncomfortable all day knowing that another pair would have made you feel better? So how many of you guys are...
Thanks Jen
New Posts  All Forums: