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Are these authentic?  
They will do charge sends for you. I use to work for bebe corporate and their policies are very generous, similar to Nordstroms
HK bootcuts look real, imo. But the As are fake. Wait for others to reply
Thanks! I will go check it out
Does anyone know a place in San Francisco’s Richmond or Sunset district that are good at sewing a patch. The distress at the knees on my Havanas have a hole and need to fix it before it gets worse. Any recommendations?? TIA!
Hehe, is that still going on?? Sounds like fun! I havent been to one in ages
What a fun thread! My boyfriend has the Vapor and he loves it! He said he really notices the difference since it is lighter and not as stiff. Isn't made of some sort of fiber?? He also tells me that the length really doesnt matter since my board is a bit above my nose. For me, I been going for 3 seasons now and 10+ times and I still do not know how to carve , learning how to but not quite getting it. I normally float down the mountain and get tired fast.
Cute! Its a keeper
I got it, thanks for your help Kelly!
I just stuck the clear custom envelope and the 3 forms do not fit. Am I suppose to fold them and close the envelope?
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