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Qwerk, if you get Ink Mes, make sure to ask for measurements.  You will definitely want a 29, possibly even a 28.  They run pretty big in the waist and also stretch out more than average, so if you're wearing 29s in other Diors, you may want a 28, even if the other pair tends to run big.  I was convinced by a seller to size up since they are a slim-fit MIJ, but in hindsight, he just wanted my $$$ and I had to sell the jeans after just a few wears.  I'm also on the market...
Itsinmyjeans: I agree.  Hilfiger actually was intended to be a higher fashion brand than it typically is viewed as (they even sell some stuff on LuisaViaRoma for pretty big $), but it does seem really white trash now and I would never wear it just because of that association. I do actually still own one sweater from Abercrombie, but it has no logos on it, so it doesn't bug me like most of their overbranded stuff does.       Qwerk, those do stretch a fair amount,...
Great Jakes, but you really ought to pair them with something other than Abercrombie.  That's almost blasphemy. :P
They're actually indigo not black.  And yeah, I would size up one, but I still have about 10 pounds to drop as my training intensifies, so they ought to fit perfectly in a month or 2.  
Thanks.  The waxed clawmarks I bought have about the same measurements in the waist, but no stretch, so those may end up sitting in my closet unused for a month or so. :)
  17.5cm stretch raw.  Like I said, these are unbelievably slender the whole way down.  A 30 is probably best for me right now, but these are a 29, so they're pretty tight for now.  They have about a month of wear in them already, but they seem to be creasing for me around the same spots as the previous fades, so I think it won't be a problem that they've been slightly worn already.
Yeah, they are pretty worthless, but that being said, I think some of their dress shoes actually look pretty good.   Now that they're about to start selling everything at Kohl's for dirt cheap, I should be able to stock up on some of their older nicer shoes for super low prices.
Nice, buy them up and then post pics.
They look pretty tapered to me, at least in that picture.  From what I can tell, I would expect them to be like a Thanaz on the bottom, but looser up, like a standard Larkee.
Got my 17.5cm stretch raws today.  Fit is like a super slender and they're definitely a bit tight. :)  When I'm finally 100% back to peak fitness, they should be perfect, so I'm glad to have them.  I'm not sure how I'm going to split up wearing my 2 pairs of raws yet, but I'll probably just focus on my older pair for now with less wear of the stretch pair until they fit slightly looser.  Still waiting for my waxed clawmarks, but I think I should be getting them...
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