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  Also, in comparing 17 to 19cm Jakes, you should just consider them to be different jeans entirely fit-wise.  The wash is similar, but the fit is totally different.  Most of the 17cm Diors I've had have fit about a half size bigger in the waist than similarly sized 19cm Diors that I've had, so I don't think this is just a Jake thing.
TBH, I've thought about getting some custom made Quoddy Grizzlies, but I find comfort to be very very important for footwear since I put a lot of running miles on my feet and I've always felt boots to be overly constricting.  As for the UMCs, I'm buying that pair of 07s listed here previously.  09s do actually run about a size big it seems and I have typically preferred 09s to 07s, but Eddie's pair on here looks great, so I'm copping.     Oh, and I got my Jakes in.  I...
I don't think you even know what I wear, I almost never post pics of myself and when I do, I usually just throw on a t-shirt to show the fit of my jeans.  Most of the shirts I wear during the day are custom made by a local tailor (ie, not made by any brand) and nothing I wear ever has brand names on it, so I'm pretty much the opposite of a trend-follower.  I'm a PhD candidate and I try to dress well since I work in a professional environment.  I find that sneakers look...
PM'd an offer, definitely liking these and hoping to get them from you.
Hey, What ended up happening to your eBay auctions?  Looks like they closed your account and canceled all your listings.    
Emailed and PM'd you a few days ago but never heard back.  Let me know... ready to pay for these ASAP.
Beckham's fits look terrible, agreed, but Hedi designed them to fit a certain way and that fit was never intended to be tight.  I don't really wear boots.  Properly paired Sperrys/Quoddys look better than most shoes but fit much much more comfortably, so that's what I'll continue to wear.
Harsh!  Actually, I think nearly all sneakers look super trashy, so I wear boat shoes or loafers with just about everything.  As for the fit, to each their own, but I wouldn't go any tighter than the way these fit right out of the dryer (or the same way a stretched out sz 30 would fit).  I've had some overly tight Diors in the past and they just don't look good tighter than this IMO.  Hedi always styled them a bit baggier himself:     If they end up stretching...
Ink Me (pictures with heavy flash, kind of washed out) fit below.  I figured I should get a 30, but had to settle for a 31 since that's what I could find (paid $550 for 31s, whereas the cheapest 29 or 30 I could find was $850).  They were slightly big, but I soaked them in hot water and then dried them on high heat for an hour, so they shrunk a good inch in the waist (true waist size is now about 31.75", so they fit more like a DH 30 until they stretch back out, at which...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/300662472248?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649#ht_500wt_1213   Listed above at eBay for $96.99+s/h, will sell for $90 shipped within the US if bought directly through me via paypal.  Have two pairs available, just FYI.
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