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Umm... PLENTY of older Diesels have black stitching on the indian head tag...
Thanaz 8B5, Thanaz 8KW, Thanaz 8SV, Black Gold Pichiwik 8WB, Ruky 88Z (altered to a straight leg),  Larkee J (kids 16) YE5, Timmen 8AC, Safado 8ET, Kander 71J, Tepphar 8Y9 turbodenim
Well, I hadn't posted much until recently.  Actually, I think it's a 10 post thing... it looks like I have the ability to post without waiting for moderation finally. Woohoo.
  Anyone can sell any number of new items from Abercrombie & Fitch in any country.  That's a last effort by a dying company to save their own butts any way they can.  As long as you're not using stock pictures (which yes, is illegal), they have no right to keep you from reselling.  No company can prevent you from reselling anything unless you specifically sign off on the fact that you won't resell it when you buy it and are then breaking a contract.  A&F's just mad...
How long does it take to have that "thread will be held for moderation" go away?  I've had an account for months and it still does it.  I hadn't posted much until recently, but still, come on... it's kind of annoying.
Looks good.
+ Thanaz 8KW
Nice.  How much did they set you back though?  Those go for way too much nowadays...
I've seen them at Revolve.com, but they only have 36x32 left.  Do you know of somewhere else I can get them?  Thanks!
I'm looking for Safado 8i3 (or any other 8i3, if that wash exists in any other cut, preferably something slim) in a 30x32 or something very close to that (29-31 waist and 32 or 34 inseam, potentially 30 depending on the actual measurement).  Let me know if you have them or know where to get them online (shipped to the US).  Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: