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Thanks for hooking me up on the UMCs. :)  UMTDs are sick, but I'm not sure if I have any more money that should be spent on jawnz right now.  Just out of curiosity, what size are they?  Got pics?
Are these still available?  Also, what happened with those 8KWs you were selling?  I emailed and PMd you but never heard back.
It's the flash more than anything.  The red marks are slightly dimmer on mine than most, but everything else is pretty noticeable in person.       Thanks.  I guess you wish your clawmarks fit like my UMC, but I wish my UMC fit more like your clawmarks.  Haha...  I definitely like sizing up more than you. :)
Umc 07 sz 30 with old trashed Diesel shoes.  Just ate a huge dinner, so the waist feels slightly tight right now. haha...  Sorry the flash washed out all of the detail, but these look pretty outstanding in person, with a lot of really fine detail.  Definitely a sick wash.
Not bad.  I think I paid $180 for that pair I used to have though. :)  About to post some pics of my new UMCs btw.  
That pair is "Destroyed" from 06.  Appears authentic, but but hemmed by 5 or 6".  I'd need to see close-up pics to verify, but nothing is overtly wrong in those pictures / all of the distressing and the wash look right, so I'd put 90%+ odds on them being legit.  If you won, you should go ahead and pay, but if you weren't the winner, I wouldn't go looking for that pair.  Hedi did some great destroyed pairs, but that one is not his best work. :P
I have to disagree with Saddock.  Looks like you got one of the more contrasty clawmarks, which is a great pair of jeans.  IMO, that's probably the best Dior wash I've seen on you, though I don't think I've seen Fuel to Fire pics, which will probably look even better.  The brighter / more contrasty clawmarks are really one of Hedi's best pairs, so I hope you enjoy them.
Yeah, my Jakes are 17.5.  
Current: Ink Me 17cm Jake SS11 17cm UMC07 19cm   Previous: (+ reason for selling) Ink Me 17cm (bigger size, too big now) Fuel to Fire 19cm (too big now) Silver Waxed Indigo 19cm (too big now) Handyman 19cm (wash was kind of meh) 07 Reissue of Luster Waxed Clawmark 19cm (jeans were in much poorer condition than expected due to dishonest seller, didn't keep) Blue Sheer 17cm raw (waist ok sized down, thighs too tight, hard pair of jeans to wear if you...
Here we have some Jakes with the most ridiculous high top sneakers I could find in my closet, since apparently that's what people like.  Hah.     I think I'm leaning towards keeping them.
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