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Levislad, you should size those 8KJ up by 2 sizes.  Those are waaaaaaay too tight.  Nice wash, but they don't look right at all.
No.  Tepphar is skinnier.    
Pure Blue Japan xx-013 at 2 months:
It only ripped out about a half an inch, so I would call that "slight", yes.
They look legit to me, though my experience with Evisu is only from selling <20 pairs, so I'm not an expert.  Anyway, though, tags and details look good, and it appears that you do indeed have the holo strip on the edge of the Made in China tag?
Selling a pair of 07s in a 30.  They fit pretty slim in the upper block, so they could possibly work for someone who wears a 29.  In other news, I'm looking for the 17.5cm 09 pair in a 30 (they fit looser).  Will pay pretty well for the 09s.
So, I unfortunately have decided that the fit is too tight in the thighs on my UMC07s that I bought from Kgfan, so I'm selling them here or on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290674641524#ht_500wt_1156.  If you're curious, I paid $600 for them and would like to recoup right around there (could take a small loss on them, but I know that he had other offers of up to $575, so I'm not looking to go much cheaper than what I paid).
If you have to ask whether this is legit, you should never buy anything online.
Used to have a pair of these.  Those back pockets look sooooooooooo ugly.  Don't waste your money on such an expensive pair of Diesels when the pockets are Diesel's worst design (not to mention that you could get some nice Diors for the same price these usually go for).
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