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Update.  They've done a lot in the last month and have worn in significantly just since my last post.  Just 5 1/2 months down out of 2 years so far, so these are going to be completely insane by the finish:  
FYI, when people call these Luster, it's a misnomer.  Luster refers to the FW03 season, not a specific style.
I'm competing in the World Heavyweight Denim Championships, Round 2, with a pair of 19oz pre-soak (more like 21oz post-soak) Samurai 710s.  It officially started in April, but we were allowed up to a month of wear before hand.  I got my one month early plus 3 1/2 months during the contest, so here they are at 4 1/2 months.  They seem to be fading pretty darn fast, I guess mostly because I wear them everyday and do a lot in them.        
At 6'0" / 180, you may want a 32. I'm 6'0" 150-155 and I would typically wear 29, sometimes 30.
It's obnoxious to start a post stating that you need help ASAP. If you need to know whether something is authentic ASAP, learn to figure it out for yourself. Beyond that, this belongs in the main Dior thread. Why in the world would you want that speckled pair or be willing to pay almost $400 for that very bland light grey pair? Beyond all of that, whoever told you that Yoox sometimes sells fakes is clueless. The only way they would sell a fake is if someone tricked...
Seriously? Dior is made to fit a certain way. If your legs are too big for them, you shouldn't buy Dior. Why spend the $600 that a pair like that costs and then just destroy them? That would be missing the point of these jeans. If the slender fit doesn't work for you, just buy a different brand.
Those pictures were terrible. Here are better ones after the 2nd wash. Nearly 11 months. Fit is crap because they just came out of the washer/dryer and shrank by 2 inches (granted, as expected). I don't like nuthuggers, so it's fortunate that they'll stretch back out in a day or two.      
Jeans themselves:          
PBJ xx-013 at 10 months, worn virtually daily.   Dior, Pure Blue Japan, Quoddy:   Julius, Julius, Pure Blue Japan, Quoddy:
New Posts  All Forums: