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I have been trying to find a pair in 32x32 or 32x34 for a few months, searching US Ebay, non-US Ebay, various forums, googling, Non-US Diesel retailers, and US diesel stores... cannot find these anywhere. There is a dude on Ebay UK selling a 33x32 for like $240 (btw I am not looking to spend anywhere near that much) and beside 33 is way to big for me, expecially with the way these things strecth... I may even be able to swing 31x32 or 31x34 I am 6'1" about 185...
^ 1. pretty much all of the above mentioned have the worst collection of diesel shit I have ever seen (save yoox and ssense which is real low on stock) 2. jjdenim was great for selection but its no longer with us 3. I dont really know of enough to start a sticky on this but it seems like it would be a useful post
I was actually just about to post a similar question when I saw this.... I thought there may be a sticky post for Diesel online stockist but didnt see one, anyone know if there is a stockist post already?
Quote: Originally Posted by zdenal_cz Jeans DIESEL SAFADO 71J ( collector ) - Jeans Homme - Boutique marque Taatoo and some other fine washes of Safado available, Timmen and even Viker... not sure about your size. anyother place to grab some safado 71j's at a decent price?? that place doesnt have my size... i think i need 32x32
what are these?? seller has em listed as timmens but they dont look like timmen to me... NWT Men's DIESEL Jeans - Timmen - 32x32 - $289 MSRP - eBay (item 260475626977 end time Sep-16-09 19:00:00 PDT)
Thanks for all the advice, I have pretty much narrowed down the cuts/washes I am going to start looking for: washes: 8si 73i 73j 8ld 71j 8ya 8sv 8rq 8iw 8at 73h Cuts: Timmen Safado Viker ***maybe keever; kander; and slammer (in the two non-zipper washes)*** A few items I would like that I am thinking may not be possibilites (or at least hard to find) -onijo 71j -viker 71g, 71b -timmen 71j, 784
as far as viker 71g and timmen 71j, I'd love to have both but I am going to assume that is never going to happen since they are near impossible to find, safado 71j on the other hand would be great but I have never seen it, is it something still availble? I will deef. check out the other safado washes mentioned, again thanaz prob. to slim for my liking (never tried them on but just from seeing others wear them) and zatiny is too much of a boot cut for my liking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Levislad Try Safado. They are slim and straight and have the button fly you want! I love my Safado they are my favourite Diesel jeans at the moment! are there any washes you would reccomend? I do remember trying a pair of those back in the day and the cut was quite nice however the denim was super soft and flimsy, almost like sweatpants!
^thanaz is a bit too slim for my liking, as for slammer I don't like zippers on my pockets or any crazy shit like dragons or whales or horseshoes, etc. (which is why I sold my viker 71j after about a week) some vikers i was thinking about: 8ii 8ik 8in timmen: 8bk 89z not sure what other cuts? poiak looks like it may be a cut similar to timmen (slim and straight) Vikers actually dont even feel that slim to me anymore after wearing APC NS's and Acne Max....
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