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This jeans is sold in a shop in Belgium ! Pretty sure they are fake ! please post as many replies as possible so the seller will believe me :)   sorry don't have better pictures :(   http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/5397/labelp.jpg http://img851.imageshack.us/img851/7388/pic2pg.jpg  
Can somebody tell me what's happening . I see on 7forallmankind.com extreme ugly mens jeans . Now i get pictures from somebody with mens jeans . Can somebody tell me they are real or fakes ? Even if they are real i would never buy this . Thanks !!! www.dressinstyle.be/austin.JPG www.dressinstyle.be/standard.JPG
Seven 7 For All Mankind Mens Jeans AUSTYN MED WASH NWT! - eBay (item 330423440681 end time May-12-10 16:56:42 PDT) are these real or not ? thanks
Step by step i started my own shop with jeans . I'm now a couple of years wearing seven for all mankind but i was so interested in this brand that i started my "second" job with these jeans . I have for sale about 170 SFAM jeans , all recent collection . Tell me what you think about it . I cannot sell to the US because i'm from Belgium (Europe) . It's just for a opinion . Thanks !!! sevenjeans
on ebay : is the seller offpricespc1 legit . Someone bought from them before ?
if somebody is interested got them in a couple of sizes
Are these fake jeans ? They look off in my opinion . Are there new fakes allready with brown label . I must update myself New Seven 7 For All Mankind Mens Austyn Jeans - eBay (item 280385422909 end time Aug-24-09 15:47:55 PDT)
Hi , are these jeans exclusive ? Never seen them before .
Quote: Originally Posted by myshel_1 i want foil as! I have one but only in size 28 NWT
Mooie seven met a pocket mat swarofskisteentjes aangeboden > Dames - Broeken > Kleding > kapaza.be just to be sure these are fake !
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