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What about blue dye? I hardly wash my jeans but i can see my 772s fading real fast. I'm going to check wal mart for that dye tomorrow. Thanks!
This is probably true since my zathans are pretty old.
Where did you buy that dye?
For the most part yeah except the flare is bigger on the 772 and 796
i have both and they fit exactly the same. I have the 710 as well but the 772 and 796 have a bigger flare.
and.. Thanks rageatm007. If you could check for my next time you head to the mall, that would be great. and i'll see if theres anymore...PM me a price.
They should be on sale everywhere in Canada because i think they discontinued the model. If your in Toronto, check holt renfrew or over the rainbow and in montreal, check simons or style exchange. I'm here in Edmonton, and there at a store called Highgrade and Urban for 50% off...
Thanks dude. How much are they going for in Cali anyways? JW..
Hey... I saw these at the mall for 50% off and i really like them. What size should i get? Do they STRETCH much? I tried on 28s (seem tight on crotch) and 29s (loose around the shins).
Thanks for the help guys... what about the stretch on them... i'm a 28 in zathans...should keep the same size or size one down?
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