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^My address is unconfirmed too. And I've no idea how to get it confirmed. Is there anyway to confirm it, if i'm not living in uk, canada or us?
maybe you can ask for a better pic of the creed?
i like dj bobo, dj valium, milk inc.. i do listen to aqua sometimes.. really cheesy songs.
am i the only one into old school techno?
Quote: Originally Posted by jonov1 I'lll be in KL for a week or so ~ July 1 ish, then I'll be visiting other places. Hehe where will you be? We can meet up or something eh? Haha. Thanks everyone for their sweet comments. And ceb you look really cute in the dress hehe. ooh! i'll be in KL & genting highlands around the same time too.. =)
Thanks everyone! Had a great time last night. Celebrated my 21st birthday with some friends in a club..really fun! Hangover sucks though =| kellygawtscammed: I am eyeing some totes! Heehee. Hopefully I can use some red packet money to buy.
I leave them on for wristlets, but take them off for the bags.
How about taiwanese dramas? Hana Kimi's one of the latest, starring Ella from SHE and some guys from the boyband Fahrenheit. Its quite a funny show.
I got 600 so far - 200 from mum and the rest from relatives. I'm staying home for the next few days cos mum's friends will be coming.. and I heard they're really generous with ang pows!
How about tiger? I'm born in 1986.
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