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Quote: Originally Posted by Sheri_da_Cutie What I hate most is when I am in the mall, and the "slow walkers" don't seem to have a clue where they are going. They walk so slow and everytime you try to pass them, they zig or zag!! I hate it too when there is a group of people and they feel that they need to walk side by side and take up the whole aisle. I am a "mission" shopper, I know where I need to go and what I need to get, and I like to get in and out...
Real Cherones? New Womens Diesel Cherone Jeans 710 Sz 28x34 BNWT $249 - (eBay item 250166748922 end time Sep-25-07 15:49:41 PDT)
I think the front is cute - I do not like shirts that tie in the back, but if that is your thing, go for it
There are real sunglasses on eBay, but you have to look for certain things for authentication. For Chanel sunnies, they have a serial number etched into the lens (on the back near eye) so you can tell they are real - fakers have not been able to do this. Go to the stores and look at the type of sunglasses you want - then you can just look up the model number find any deals.
My Neimans has them - I personally do not like them because the studs are too big and remind me of a huge studded belt. :/
Since I am also a waitress, people that do not tip just piss me off completely. The only time that a bad tip will not bother me is when the table tells me that they thought that I was the nicest server that they ever had - people that genuinely think they are giving you a great tip is fine by me (some people have grown up thinking 10% was great). I also think that many people do not realize that you only get $3.00 per hour plus money taken out of your sales (mine is about...
Quote: Originally Posted by colibrita I love them. You look amazing! If I only knew what color and size of crystals should I buy for mine. Ditto on that!!
Why is this webpage constantly saying that it is not found. It keeps freezing up in the middle of a search... BLAH!
I had a lawyer take care of my tickets - 2 within 13 days. Each one was $200, but I paid $200 to a lawyer and he got them removed completely off my record. You might want to check into this
Pmed you
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