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OMG This movie SUCKKKKKS. PLEASE dont watch it... I knew it was going to be bad...
I have way more meat than my bf and he has nicers legs than me. LOL As long as you two like each other I dont think it should matter/
I juss got back with my ex not even two weeks ago... We went out like 4 years ago.. And let me juss say.... we fight alot.. lol I dont know if its gonna work out.. Gotta wait n see..
I say fake..
I think you should get XS? I'm 28 and I fit into S..
I say let go of the past and move on.. Time is a valuable thing to waste.. Plenty of other people out there.
When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne I juss loveee that song.. Its so nice.. and so sad..
Its not good for your hair to wash it everyday.. But I wash it everyday..
Best bet is ebay..
Real imo.
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