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Thanks, bro.
A most recent purchase, love it. The wash is special and effort is made into details. The Denim is stretchy, top quality. Not that thick as I expected, but might have to give way to elasticity. The size that I purchased is W28, only one length. W28 runs a little big since I normally wear W28 for other cuts which means a W27 for Thavar is perfect for me. Anyway, here are the selfies. The size is as following:   Inceam/Length: 102cm Waist:  39cm thigh: 17.5cm leg:...
Really like the wash very much and I personally bought all of blue eyecon line, but couldn't find it on the official site for the states. Diesel doesn't sell Shioner 817H in U.S.? Do you guys know why and do you know any other channels that I can nail a 817H w27 L30?   Thank you so much!
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