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I second that... Are these Fryes? 
J Brand makes a raw denim whichi is nice. Also check out Diesel's clean wash. I cannot think of the type off my head but they are pretty nice, diesel quality and stylish. May be a little slim as they are "carrot" fitting.
Their washes are all so used/dirty now. Why do they no longer release cleaner washes??? 
It's unbelievable how dirty their jeans are now. They either have too many holes in them or it looks like someone spilled paint of their washes. I love their denim and fits but what is going on! Some say its a more European look, but from what I have seen Europeans also enjoy wearing clean washes. Oh well. As long as the quality of J Brand is as good as Diesel I'm content.
Thanks. I understand some people may not like the looks but I just want to know how the quality of their denim is. I enjoy the look of their jeans on myself.
HAHAHA well I only buy denim in person, I hate buying online. I am very picky. I actually enjoy the very boring appearance. Also, I love diesel but they have just become to  dirty with some of their washes. I love their cleaner washes. 
Any comparison? I noticed J Brand are lesser known and only carried at exclusive stores. What is the deal with their quality? 
I just heard of these jeans and based on their styles and cuts I really like them. The price is not bad either. How does their quality compare to other brands such as Diesel, Chip and Pepper, 7? Are the worth it?
Please please please respond...
Can I please get some help with this? Coupon I have expires today.
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