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Thank you.
Yes, I love NYC, I guess I just feel at home in a big city. It's as close to Madrid as I can get in the US.
Wore my Diesel coat, shoes, and Tepphar 880r jeans while on holiday in NYC.  
Thank you very much.  I appreciate your help.  Take care.
So the ones from Asos are Thavar 807v  not  Thavar 8107v ?
anyone know if Asos made an error with their listing?  thanks
Thavar 807v ? I like the ones from Asos and was wondering if these are all the same jeans.  I bought the ones from Neiman Marcus as they were on sale for 168.00  and I had a free 250.00 Neiman Marcus...
The only one that I can actually wear without breaking out or making me dizzy is Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch I always get endles compliments by everyone.   If anyone knows of a similar smelling one that I could try let me know, Ive tried so many.
 Great jeans and fit.  These are one of my favorite Diesels that I own.
 Nice.  What is the name of the Burberry shirt?
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