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thank you, 2. I guess they are being cheaper about it...lol. I thought the butterfly zipper was cute..It was on an F pocket jean.
Thank you.
Hi. I just bought a pair from Daily Denim. They seem off. I had a pair I bought retail at a boutique a long time ago, and I remember the zipper had a butterfly on it-not a plain old YKK zipper. I had to throw those out long time ago-got hair dye on them... Anyway, I just bought a pair from Daily Denim and the have a plain zipper and a weird feel to them. Has anyw one else bought Frankie B.s retail, and do yours have a butterfly zipper too? Thank you!
the closest I could find w/o rainbow stitching are Bobby Big Ts in super light vintage...they look almost the same... I do not know what size to get though.... My other Bobbys are 26, but they are stretch... I have 100% cotton Joeys in 25.... These are 100% Bobbys
thank you. maybe it looks diff because mine do not have that whote threading....... i dunno.
hmmm. See I have reg Joeys that are cowgirl, but they aren't that nice blue that his are......
found them for men........... this wash do they make women's?
My boyfriend bought some Bobby Big Ts from Neimans and I absolutely LOVE them! My two questions are 1- What is the wash? They are a light blue (really pretty blue) with white threading throughout 2- Do they make these exact ones in womens? Thank you! P
both look fake IMO. I'm not quite an 'expert' yet.......so best to wait for other ops........However I feel I am 90% sure...........
those look really good! I have em in a 26 and they seem kinda small to me also. I usually wear 25 in TR. They look great.
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