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Hi everyone,   Is the Kris Van Assche Sneakers sold in this URL authentic? http://cgi.ebay.com/KVA-HOMME-SUEDE-INSERT-FOLD-OVER-ANKLE-SNEAKERS-sz-43-/190463827146?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2c5 Thanks for your invaluable help!   
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick Bee yo the 5th avenue diesel store still has 8sv thanaz's. depending on what size you need. i know for a fact they dont have the smaller sizes. but i did see a 31/34 last time i was in. yo which country are you from? i'm from singapore
Quote: Originally Posted by TheSuperBron what size you after? Around size 29
Quote: Originally Posted by 118i outlets maybe..... oh do you have any idea which outlets in which country still have it in stores? thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by nambio There are a tonne of Safado 8SV on eBay -- that might be close enough for ya. Yeas but i prefer a slimmer cut like Thanaz rather than Safado ): hopefully they might reproduce Thanaz 8sv rather than Safado ones (:
Anyone reckon if the Diesel Thanaz 8SV jeans are still being sold anywhere?
Looking for Diesel Thanaz 8SV. Similar to the one Zac Effron's wearing. Any sellers?
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