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the reward is a walnut.. srsly, its an awesome t-shirt
i cant find this in SMALL, there are other colours available for this T-Shirt but I am only interested in WHITE colour. Its by Tank Theory, and the name of the t-shirt is police brutality. Thanks
thanks for the responses guys, im looking for a place that has a good selection of design denim.
Ok guys, so im going to Buffalo NY to do some shopping next weekend. I honestly haven't left the country since 1998. I can still drive down there without a passport right? I heard there is a retail outlet in Buffalo, anyone know the name or website? Im also looking for camera equipment for my Canon SLR. Is there a good semi-pro photography store in Buffalo as well? A place with competitive prices like B&H Photography. Thanks
i purchased them the day after this post and wore them with denim jeans... you honestly cant tell they are denim unless ur up close.. those pockets are REAL, i have an extra 2 coin pockets and an extra 2 denim pockets to hide stuff in now. these shoes are sickk.. love them! i just hope they last longer than converse hightops.
erm. no seriously was for the "joke?" comment
no seriously...
I saw these at change room on queen street and instantly fell in love with them. i love chucks and i also love expensive denim. diesel found a cool way to put 2 things i like together. im buying them tomorrow regardless. just wanted to know what you guys think of these.
PART 1: YouTube - Sarah Silverman "I'm F*cking Matt Damon" on Jimmy Kimmel PART 2: YouTube - Jimmy Kimmels F@cking Ben Affleck Response to Matt and Sarah
oh, the old macbook IS leopard compatible if ur wondering.
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