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Have a lot of classic Diesel Jeans I want to let go   Viker-R-Box 8AT(29x34), 8Y0(30x34) Viker 8iN(31x34) Safado 73i(30x34), 8LD(31x34), 8iL(30x34) Zatiny 72L(29x34) Zathan/Safado 8iW(30x34) Poiak 8iL(29x34) Larkee 8iL(30x34)   Prices around 30-55Euro Will do discounts, if you buy multiple items.   More pictures on request.   Shipping within Germany is 7Euro, EU 17Euro, Worldwide 30Euro Only insured & tracked via DHL
I have a Leaden Sky in 17,5cm, size 30 and the hem is too small for my liking.   So, if someone has a size 30, 19cm and wants a smaller hem, please do kindly get in touch.   Item is located in Germany.   Thanks
wash looks nice, but the back especially the dirty pockets and seams are not my cup. too much imo.   but I have to say that I kinda like the frontside.   http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/DIOR+HOMME/dept/men/tskay/B490DC11/rr/1/cod10/42229715PR/sts/sr_men80   stated 20cm so in size 28 its proberbly the 21cm model?
@dunlauh I absolutely agree   @baltimore I have no clue.   bought the koolter 8x2 instead a few months ago cause I liked the wash and never thought that it will be released in safado.   and now this. 8x2 is availibe in my favourite cut but not in 34" inseam. absurd and disappointing.
I recently noticed that they have been released. Is anybody able to purchase a pair in size 30x34 or29x34 for me or can provide a seller who has got these sizes?   it seems that there are only 32" inseams. at least I only found 32" in safado 8x2   diesel_jeans1978 has got some as well but no 34" inseam.   would be great if somebody could help me.  
ziemlich langweilige antwort. standard spruch für beleidigte internet vögel. ich hab mir mehr einfallsreichtum erhofft aber nicht erwartet.   zudem ist es ziemlich albern hosen zu bewerten die du nur von bildern kennst. andere leute lesen den mist den du schreibst und werden evt. davon beeinflusst.   oh mann bei dem vergleich ging es nicht um den preis des mercedes, sondern das man mit beiden autos fahren kann und um die im verhältnis bessere ausstattung,...
oh the wise man has spoken!? where do you take your information from?   @ 0815 geh dir deine levis kaufen, aber   was machst du hier?   rumheulen weil diesel glories zu teuer sind bzw. du sie dir nicht leisten kannst oder magst? hier sind leute die geben tausende euros im monat für jeans aus, einfach weil sie es können.   ein mercedes kostet mehr als ein toyota und beide autos  können fahren, aber wie? nein es war nur ein beispiel und ich möchte...
these are availible now on cultizm for 409 USD. ordered a pair and I will sent pics once I got them.   I dont aim for the wash, I got so many washed jeans (especially diesels) that I really appreciate a simple dark japanese denim jeans with higher qualitiy etc. real japan blues, flatheads or samurais are that pricy either.   Dont know if "our glory jeans" are or will be availible in the US.
exactly baltimore. every item you purchase, no matter where, has their national taxes included. if I buy a pair of jeans in the usa, I pay their taxes (within the price) plus tax rate for my own country. (19% in germany below 175euro) every item you import to your country must be duty paid essentially.   I would suggest that you inform yourself about your local import taxes and conditions first. what you have written sounds pretty bad.   198 total - 25...
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