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oh ok, see how much I know!! Thanks a lot!
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram It's always easier describing the things that stick out on fakes to look for rather than taking a real pair and comparing. Big signs would be horseshoe shape, fabric quality and the wash. Does this store allow returns? Yes they do allow returns, but not on the clearance merchandise. I was looking at the TR reals and fakes on this forum and I noticed that the tag nor the buttons on my pair of jeans...
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram 100% authentic, congrats! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! TR's for $8!!!! Can you tell me the tell tale signs that these are real? I may need to go back to that resale store and do some searching thru their winter clearance clothes racks again with a fine tooth comb! Thank you!
Just found these jeans today at an upscale resale store for my daughter for a steal on sale. We've never had any TR jeans before, and when I showed them to my fashionista friend, she wondered if they are fakes. She said that TR fakes are very prevalent, but she didn't know how to spot a fake. So.....I am here asking for your TR wisdom. If they are fakes, no sweat, she'll wear them to play outside in the mud haha but I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that they're the...
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