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Thanks for the reply, soupinmycoupe! My brother wears 34 in A-pockets and 33 in relaxed, so I was wondering if I should get a 34 for him in bootcut. edit: Never mind, I just realized A-pockets came in both relaxed and bootcut. He must have the bootcut A-pockets, then. Guess this answers my question.
Is it necessary to go up a size for the standard bootcut fit? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by kraer11 I'm not sure whether you meant the stuff that you said or not, but if you are going to tap oh HF copying AF, you migh as well stop since AF is kind rip off of HF. I am not putting down AF in anyway, I'm just telling it like it is. I'm not arguing for any one side, but I agree. If you want to nullify this argument, changing the name might be a start.
Quote: Originally Posted by ntegragsr93 and it's super easy if you just go online to USPS.com I've tried to print Global Express labels on the website, but it won't let me without the buyer's phone number. Has anyone been able to get around this?
They look authentic to me, as well.
I'm not sure I buy into all of this detox/colon cleansing stuff. I think there are a lot of myths surrounding this, and a good website that I use is quackwatch.com. Here are two links to that site that talk about colon cleansing in particular: Gastrointestinal Quackery: Colonics, Laxatives, and Morek and Analysis of the 7-Day Miracle Cleanse Infomercial (2004) The articles are written by doctors, and while not a health professional myself, I would like to point out a...
No, IMO. The wash is too drastic (especially in the second and third pictures). Would help if the pics were bigger.
Yes, IMO.
I saw on the news that if there's any mistake, or if information was filled in later that wasn't on your copy of the ticket, the ticket is automatically thrown out, but this was for parking tickets. I would assume it also applies to moving violations, but I don't know.
I would say business casual, no jeans and no briefcase. There's no real reason to carry a briefcase. It might look like you're trying too hard. You can always carry a copy of your resume for the interviewer, especially if the interview's closed file, in which case I would suggest getting a padfolio.
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