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@ Weenie  One of the best outfits I've seen here!   @ freeradical Like everyone said before you look really good in Vikers! 
I have them for a better price with tags and these are not new I'm pretty sure.
Nice!!! Especially Dior Homme Intense is really nice they are on my list.
Diesel Only the brave iron man limited edition Diesel Only the brace captain america limited edition Hugo Boss Bottled 2x Prada Milano Burberry Brit 2x Jean Pail Gautier Le male Armani Diamond and some others
For me comparing 817h with 8x2 is like comparing 888p with 805a. In my opinion they have nothing similar.
Yes 100%
I bought several Times from that site for exampel Tepphar 881w.
Thavar 810x and Thanaz 8b1
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