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You're definitely right.
Yeah that could be a reason
That's really crazy look at these http://webstore-de.scotch-soda.com/de/damen/jeans/wickelhose/14250185797.html?dwvar_14250185797_color=denim%20blue The wash looks like 812w And these remind me on 811p http://webstore-de.scotch-soda.com/de/herren/jeans/gitane---flashlight/13060685009.html?dwvar_13060685009_color=denim%20blue
Shioner 817h
Yeah I also saw in the past some Scotch&Soda Jeans which reminded me on Diesel's I will keep an eye on them if they got them again in stock will buy them and see how the quality is
Here is the a screenshot  
Thank you really much! The jacket was on sale for 20-30€ can't remember :D BTW especially 74y looks really good on you
I guess all of us would say 8x2 but they aren't even Diesel's! These are from Scotch & Soda and it's obvious that they have copied Diesel :D The retail price was 160€ and they were on sale for 40€. Didn't see them quieckly I would have bought one just to compare them with my 8x2
  What are these Jeans? :P
Didn't share a pic for a couple of months. So here is what I wore 2 days ago in Paris. Thavar 816k Asos Jacket Zare Jersey Frankie Morello Sneakers  
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