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In my opinion 275$ is to much for them
Yes tepphar and braddom but forgot the wash of both
I wouldn't say ugly but I wouldn't wear them
I would go for 29 since 30 doesn't look much better 
Shioner 8nl
Post a picture so we can help you
You're definitely right.
Yeah that could be a reason
That's really crazy look at these http://webstore-de.scotch-soda.com/de/damen/jeans/wickelhose/14250185797.html?dwvar_14250185797_color=denim%20blue The wash looks like 812w And these remind me on 811p http://webstore-de.scotch-soda.com/de/herren/jeans/gitane---flashlight/13060685009.html?dwvar_13060685009_color=denim%20blue
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