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Great jeans indeed but I don't need them :)
Done ;)
For sale is a Diesel Thanaz 71b in size 33x32. As you maybe know this wash is really rare. The Jeans is used but in an excellent condition! PM me.  
Love this Shioner!!!!! IMO the best wash on this collection! Reminds me on a Dsquared Jeans I had which looked similar.
Better photos would be great :) Especially Thanaz 882h, Shioner Green and Tepphar 73t.
Just saw today the the new Cut Braddom. The wash was like the whole F/W collection a bit disappointing. Will try them next time :P
Or Darron 8sv
I have send you a pm with my email adress.
Male Kardeef 8ar ;D
Im wearing artless washcodes like 8w7, 8ie, 8fc... but also 8ww, 73j, 8y0, 8sv... So im not someone who does not try something "different" but I saw these two Jeans and I just don't like them.
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