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Or Darron 8sv
I have send you a pm with my email adress.
Male Kardeef 8ar ;D
Im wearing artless washcodes like 8w7, 8ie, 8fc... but also 8ww, 73j, 8y0, 8sv... So im not someone who does not try something "different" but I saw these two Jeans and I just don't like them.
Saw the Darron 880r and I really really like them better than 8ne in my opinion. I would definetly get them if they would be in Tepphar, Thavar, Thanaz or Shioner.
Wow you got a really really nice pair! The pairs I have seen in Germany especially the smaller sizes had those horrible orange patch on them which I really hate.  
If someone is interested in Thavar 880g, Thanaz 880f or Krooley 880w contact me I can get them for a better price than retail :)
The best thing you can do is to go to a Store which has the cut Iakop and try them on.
The first Jeans is Tepphar 881w isn't it ?   Ehhm I did not have the time to look clearly but there was an other Shioner 88il or something like that which I did not know before. And on sale a light blue Thanaz and a Daron which was 280€.   I wonder why our German Stores in Cologne and Düsseldorf do not have these Jeans. Why does a Store not cary every single pair Diesel produces? -.-
The Shioner that cost 270€ is fucking horrible :D And the Narrot you posted baltimore cost 320€ saw them today in Amsterdam the wash is 880x and they look as well horrible :D
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