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You have to see them in real :S I like the wash but the pair I saw had several dirty (brown and orange) parts on them which fucked the Jeans up. The denim is a bit like 74k. Maybe you will change you opinion when you see them in real ;)   No I'm not working in a Diesel Store.
Shioner 880W 
Here are some pics ;) Sorry for the quality :D  
Saw today Thavar 880m,Thanaz 8qp  Shioner 880w, Tepphar 881w and others. Thavar 880m is fucking ugly! Thanaz 8qp is very cool I liked them. But to be honest I was really deappointed about Shioner 880w and Tepphar 881w they do not look that good as shown on the pictures! Especially the Shioner had a really bad contrast between the colours. The prices are Thavar 220€, Thanaz 160€, Shioner 210€ and Tepphar 230€
Please contact me if you have more questions. This package has a value of 680$ (480€) im asking for 450$ or best offer.  
1. is 8b9
Seem to be fake in my mind. Maybe you should give us the link?!
I want this Shioner!!!!!!
This is not a selling thread dude! Post your Jeans in the selling thread!
For sale is a Thanaz 8sv in perfect condition as you can see on the pictures. The price is 250$. If someone is interested just let me know.
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