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Yes, they are. Diesel Jeans are Made in Italy (with this stiching in the national flag colours) Made in Tunisia, Made in Morocco and Made in Romania so far I know. So don't worry ;)
Tried Thavar 881r and I must say really really nice wash!
You wont be able to buy them from Diesel Online Store USA. Only people who live in USA can buy from there same as Germans can only buy from Diesel Online Store Germany. To your questions yes of course it is genuine ;)
Ich find den großteil bislang scheiße! Hab mir Thavar 8w7 letztens gekauft. Mir gefallen einfach diese orangenen Flecken an den Hosen nicht.
Bei uns gibt es mehr L34 Hosen als L32 und gar keine L30.
I would NEVER wear something like this fucking ugly Thavar 880m. I dont get how you guys like this epic fail :D   Tepphar 880r looks amazing.
@ Gpoop  Do you mean that yellow "Jeans" are you serious? :S :D :P
Yes, Please post pics :) Maybe they look better than those I have seen.
If someone needs a Thanaz 880f in size 30,31,32,33 or 34 let me know.
You have to see them in real :S I like the wash but the pair I saw had several dirty (brown and orange) parts on them which fucked the Jeans up. The denim is a bit like 74k. Maybe you will change you opinion when you see them in real ;)   No I'm not working in a Diesel Store.
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